Redt Lab  ( "Redt" - economize, Dutch) works on data processing methods and circuits, allowing significantly reduction of  computational resources and power consumption while simultaneously increasing processing speed.

These techniques can be implemented in Big Data, Raw Data regularization, Data Digging,  Images/Objects Recognition, Peta-Bases Search  engines, and in Crypto Currencies Mining.

Using our proprietary tech we intend to build a set of  equipment  for  BitCoin mining  and for  other crypto-currencies  Mining industry.

REDT RC200 Black Cube     BitCoin  Miner

Performance: 200 000 Giga Hash per sec
Power consumption: 520 W
Mining Efficiency: 0.59 BTC per month

1 x RCC1024   Code Crumbler Module
6 x FPGA
23 x ASICs
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